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About SRT

Providing solutions to global maritime security, safety, environmental and efficiency challenges.

Our technology driven solutions digitise the marine domain and provide a new level of deep insight and understanding about the marine domain

From national agencies such as Coast Guards to infrastructure owners and vessel operators, our technologies and systems are being adopted and rolled out globally, enabling a new era of maritime security, sustainability and navigation safety.


We aspire to be global leaders and strive to build products and deliver service which exceeds our customers’ expectations. We are ambitious, proactive and pursue excellence in everything we do.


We continuously pursue new ideas and foster a culture of creativity. We seek and promote innovative solutions to bring real market differentiation.


We set the highest standards for product performance and reliability and we aim for excellence in everything we do. Quality drives customer satisfaction and in turn our success.


We embrace individual responsibility to deliver our commitments and we support each other in achieving our goals. Through this we build a culture of mutual trust and confidence.


We are a team and succeed only when we work together. We possess diverse skills and experiences which when combined bring outstanding results. We work collaboratively, respectfully and honestly.

We are global

We serve customers across the global, operating in many different applications, but each with the common objective of adopting the latest technologies to achieve a new level of digitized maritime domain awareness. They value our international reputation for reliability, technology excellence, product performance and long term service.

Coast Guards

Integrated national scale Dynamic-Ai powered C5ISR systems that deliver a new horizon of maritime surveillance capability.


Professional fisheries monitoring and management systems that enable effective and efficient management of national fleets and IUU detection.

Ports & Waterways

Sophisticated devices for infrastructure that support the next generation of digital navigation.


Communication devices for vessels that enable commercial and leisure vessels to operate more safely and efficiently.

Technology & Expertise

Every SRT product and solution fuses 20 years of experience with state of the art technologies developed by our renown development team. The result are solutions that deliver robust and exceptional performance and innovative functionality trusted by professional customers worldwide.

Powerful core technologies

The fundamental differentiator of our products are the core technologies that power them and enable the exceptional performance and functionalities for which SRT products are known. These technologies are developed by our internal multi-disciplinary development teams made up of professional R&D engineers many of whom are at the leading edge of their specialist areas: from network integration and data-fusion to dynamic-Ai, digital-visualisation and specialist RF. This unique and specialist internal capability ensure that our products are always innovative and deliver best in class performance.

Robust, Reliable, Proven

The marine environment is harsh and with over twenty years experience we know this and have seen every extreme in every corner of the world. Every SRT product and system is extensively product-engineered, manufactured and installed to operate reliably for many years in such environments. Multiple features from the use of high quality materials to embedded design features that mitigate the effects of shock, temperature, salt, water etc are found in every SRT solution. The result are products that customers trust to perform with relentless reliability.

Global delivery and support

We operate on a global scale. Our customers vary from a national government implementing a multi-year national surveillance project to individual vessel owners who want an instant solution. We have the global distribution and commercial partner support networks to deliver what our customers want, reliably and professionally, and develop long term relationships with customers who come to us for reliable advice and support as they digitise their marine domain systems and operations.

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