Maritime Surveillance Systems

The next generation of integrated maritime surveillance and intelligence for coast guards and border forces.

SRT C5ISR System delivers a new generation of marine intelligence

Advanced integrated maritime surveillance system, delivering unparalleled Dynamic-AI™ driven maritime intelligence with integrated command and control.

Multiple Powerful Benefits


  • See the complete picture: Track and monitor all marine activities in real time across your entire marine domain.
  • The insight to respond: Full sensor fusion and SRT’s Dynamic-AI™ detects, predicts and characterises all suspicious activities so you have the information to act decisively.
  • Total control: Integrated command and control combines with high quality surveillance to enable intelligence-led decision making and operations that are effective and efficient.
  • Autonomous Deterrent : Fully independent and secure system with proven surveillance and intelligence capability delivers powerful deterrent.

Integrated Intelligent Surveillance

Our specialist True-Fusion and D-Ai technologies enable automated detection of vessels and events of all types across your entire marine domain.

Maritime Safety

Detect risks and prevent accidents, with enhanced SOS response and operations management to save lives.

Border protection

Detect, identify, track and intercept suspicious vessels to combat intrusions, vessels suspected of illegal activities, and vessels seeking to hide or obscure their activities.

Effective operations

Quality intelligence enables you to direct relevant assets to where and when they are needed. Effective &

Environment and sustainability

Detect illegal fishing, pollution and other activities that may damage the marine environment.

Critical Infrastructure

Protect critical infrastructure by detecting and predicting potential threats ahead of time.

Fully Digitised Operations

All operators and functionality are integrated within a single secure operating platform that ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness within a clear command and control structure that is entirely configurable, defined by you and under your full control.


Advanced technology detects all targets using multiple sensor systems working together


Detected targets are tracked and analysed to determine identification and characterise their behaviour and activity status


Alerts are automatically generated based upon D-Ai analytical profiling and instantly sent to allocated operators


Operators use AR visualisation and live camera and other feeds to evaluate alerts and targets for appropriate action within the alert management system


Operators instigate appropriate action response and track and monitor within the action management system.


Digital reports and analysis of every event and alert are maintained within the system for future reference and presentation. .

Intelligent Full Integration

Our unique True-Fusion™ intelligent network and data integration system technology securely and seamlessly integrates all sensors and fuses all available data sources into a single optimised system. This core system capability delivers an optimal data source that empowers analytics and other system functionalities.

Powerful Dynamic-Ai

Dynamic-Ai (D-Ai™) is a new type of Ai analytics specifically developed and engineered by SRT data science team for maritime surveillance. D-Ai processing builds, memorises and continually refines the electronic profile of every target, enabling significantly enhanced target detection, target identification and high confidence target activity characterisation. The result is an unmatched ability to reliably detect multiple types of marine events.

Multi-Mode Visualisation

We understand that the ability to visualise an event results in a significant increase in situational awareness and understanding. That’s why our system enables operators to visualise real time and historical events using multiple modes. These vary from standard ENC chart and target overlays to Dynamic-3D augmented reality and live streaming of cameras from coastal towers, drones, patrol vessels, aircraft and satellites.

Intelligent Command & Control

High quality intelligence enables effective and efficient operations and empowers operators. This is combined with a full array of integrated command and control functionalities; enabling alerts and events to be efficiently handled within a controlled command structure that is fully configurable. The system allows you to identify risks and provides AI-driven event and area of interest prediction to support the pre-positioning of assets to act as a deterrent and for efficient responses, commanding assets dynamically as the situation develops.

Turn-Key Delivery

World-class technology combines with years of experience and proven delivery to ensure a full and complete turn-key project delivery.


We work in partnership with our customers to design and specify the system to their precise technical and budget requirements, with the ability to customise any aspect.


We ensure full implementation (installation & commissioning) of the system. From civil works and infrastructure to connectivity, command centres and the surveillance technologies and systems.


We ensure your teams have everything they need to maximise the utility of the system from day one, providing all training and ongoing support, capacity building and system warranties.


SRT can provide a range of project financing options with advantageous terms to enable the long-term financing.

Secure and protect your maritime domain with the next generation of advanced, AI-driven maritime surveillance.

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