Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing technology driven digital solutions that empower marine stakeholders with a new level of maritime domain awareness.

Our mission is to help solve the global issues of maritime safety, security, and sustainability

We do this through the development and application of innovative digital technologies, products and integrated solutions that deliver a new level of maritime domain awareness to vessel operators, coast guards, fishery and environmental agencies and mariners around the world

How we help

Our products and systems are tools that deliver deep maritime intelligence, insight and navigation situational awareness. Enabling significant uplifts in maritime safety, security and sustainability.

Enhance maritime security

Our MDA systems enable coastguards to fully digitise their operations and transform to a highly efficient and effective intelligence lead organisation. Persistent continuous surveillance over their entire marine domain, with multi-sensor data fusion combines with advanced Dynamic-Ai to automatically detect and characterise suspicious and illegal activities, delivering high quality actionable intelligence

MDA Systems

Improve maritime safety

We enable ships to navigate more safely and efficiently, and when in trouble to be rescued more quickly, through the provision of accurate and reliable real time maritime data and voice communications. From digital navigation aids on buoys and marine infrastructure to tracking and communication transceivers on vessels.


Protect the maritime environment

We enable authorities to effectively monitor and manage their fisheries and ensure long-term sustainability for the benefit of fishermen, the environment as well as economics through enhanced food security and exports. Sophisticated technology seamlessly blends with the real marine environment to benefit all stakeholders.

Vessel Monitoring System


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