Vessel Traffic System

For port, infrastructure and waterways

Monitor, manage and control your port, infrastructure and waterways with the SRT VTS system.

The system is a professional VTS solution suitable for national authorities and infrastructure owners and operators who wish to reliably track, monitor and manage maritime activity in real time. Its sophisticated functionality delivers a unique combination of short and long term benefits for all marine stakeholders including enhanced vessel traffic control, improved safety, improved infrastructure utilisation, improved efficiency and environment monitoring.


Digital technology that delivers enhanced operator situational awareness, efficiency and engagement through dual Dynamic-3D and 2D visualisation of maritime activity and the marine domain.


Efficiently fuse AIS, radar, CCTV and communications into a single optimised display with full chart overlay and multiple filter and other configuration options.


Configure a wide range of alert parameters to automatically monitor all vessel activity in real time and generate and manage alerts in the event of infraction.


Control, manage and transmit multiple virtual AIS aids to navigation (AtoN) points to assist with efficient direction of traffic and or alerts to hazards.


Stream and display live weather, tide, current and other environment data from multiple locations in real time.

Enhanced situational awareness

The SRT VTS system delivers enhanced monitoring capability and situational awareness through the fusion of multiple sensor systems, such as AIS, Radar and CCTV with state of the art real-time digital visualisation and powerful data analytics. This unique combination of high-quality data and data management and enhanced visualisation delivers dramatically improved operator situational awareness in even the busiest ports and waterways.

Proven around the world

The SRT VTS system is tried and proven around the world and in daily use with some of the world’s leading port and waterway authorities and operators. Extensive project planning, implementation and management experience ensures that every system is delivered smoothly, reliably and without risk. The SRT VTS system provides a powerful, flexible state of the art port, waterway and maritime infrastructure monitoring and control system that is simple and cost-effective to install and delivers exceptional performance and functionality.

Incident Replay

Our True-Fusion technology integrates and fuses all connected senor systems and data into a single dataset which can be used to replay any incident. Our multi-mode visualisation, especially Dynamic-3D, which is a specialist maritime augmented reality format enables any event to be replayed and viewed from multiple perspectives and secure a detailed understanding. Frequently used in legal and compliance cases.

Traffic Management

Full traffic management system and integrated vessel ELOG enables highly effective vessel traffic control, with functionality such as traffic separation and off-course alerts, accurate vessel identification, direct to vessel DSC calling and much more.

Turnkey Delivery

World-class technology and proven ability to deliver combine to ensure a seamless project experience from end-to-end.


We work in partnership with our customers to design and specify the system to their specific requirements, with the ability to customise any aspect to maximise long-term value.


We manage every aspect of the system’s implementation, including all civil works, from local infrastructure (towers, power systems, connectivity) through to specifying operator terminals.


We ensure you teams have everything they need to maximise the utility of the system from day one, providing all training and ongoing support, capacity building and system warranties.


SRT can provide a range of project financing options with advantageous terms to enable the long-term financing.
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