Fisheries Management Project

An SRT partner was asked to provide a system that enabled authorities to track and control the operation of fishing boats using AIS. The issues faced were a tight budget, long coastline and the small size of the majority of fishing boats.

The authority required that the system enable them to identify any individual vessel either in a central control room, at a local port or by any of their many patrol vessels. As such AIS had been selected due to its dual vessel to vessel and vessel to shore communication capabilities and price point.

The Identifier was selected as the ideal device due to it being easy to deploy in large numbers with minimal user involvement, its dual battery/vessel power options, security and other applicable features.

SRT’s Identifier device enabled our partner deliver a practical solution in a short period of time to their end customer. The authority is now able to reliably monitor its fishing fleet and knows when and where every boat is fishing.

A range of products for this scenario

AIS Class B Transponder – The world’s lowest cost, secure, AIS vessel tracking solution

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