Maritime AIS & VHF Navigation & Communication

Technology driven performance

For over 20 years we have been the global leaders in the development of advanced maritime communication and navigation transceivers. Our comprehensive range of products encompass all AIS types and maritime applications, each delivering proven best-in-class performance and functionality with unmatched reliability. Backed up by extensive independent testing and international certification. Each product can be extensively customised to suit your requirements, including full OEM branded solutions, with multiple configuration options.

OEM product solutions

A range of fully customisable product solutions covering all marine AIS and VHF communications applications. Select from our standard OEM product platforms which are easily rebranded and certified under your own name, or talk to us about a fully custom design built around our high performance core technologies and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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Modem module solutions

Our modem modules enable the integration of AIS functionality within any third party device, from an existing navigation device to a drone or satellite. Our modules have been specifically designed to facilitate easy integration and come with a complete support package.

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AIS Aids to Navigation

Our AIS AtoN transceivers and DAS packages are fully certified and deliver the very best performance and functionality. Driven by our latest generation AIS AtoN core technology their power consumption is ultra-low, without any compromise on performance and functionality. All are engineered for long term no-maintenance deployment in extreme marine environments.

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Em-trak provides a range of off-the-shelf AIS and VHF products for resale by dealers and distributors. Our 4,000+ reseller partners represent one of the largest global marine electronics distribution networks, benefiting from quality products and high level of service.

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About SRT

SRT Marine Systems plc (SRT) develops and delivers advanced maritime domain awareness technologies, products, and systems, with particular expertise in Automatic Identification Systems (AIS). Since 1987, customers from around the world have relied upon SRT to provide them with solutions for their maritime monitoring, management and surveillance objectives.

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