The SRT VMS System Monitors S.American Fishing Fleet

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SRT Marine Systems PLC is pleased to announce that it has successfully worked with local partners to deploy the SRT VMS System to monitor and manage a national fleet of fishing boats operating up to 250km from shore across an area of over 600,000km2 much of which is open-ocean and incorporates sensitive marine environments.

The SRT VMS System is being used by authorities to continuously track and monitor all fishing boats to enhance the management, efficiency and safety of fishermen and protect against illegal, unregulated and unlicensed fishing (IUU).

The SRT VMS system was delivered as a turn-key system solution and provides a range of unique performance and functionality; real time, zero latency vessel tracking without range limitation or coverage gaps, enhanced vessel tracking visualisation, vessel ELOG with catch reporting and license management, powerful vessel data and track analytics, reporting and filters.

A customer representative said: “SRT has extensive practical experience in planning and deploying maritime monitoring systems around the world and their VMS System has proven performance and the specialist fisheries functionality we and our Coast Guard colleagues needed. The choice of partner and system was therefore clear for us.”

Simon Tucker, SRT CEO said: “We are delighted to have worked with yet another authority to implement a fisheries monitoring system that will grow and evolve with them in the future. The proven performance and reliability of the SRT VMS System coupled with our extensive real world deployment experience enables SRT to deliver national scale systems smoothly. Our customer now has a robust fisheries monitoring system that will benefit all marine stakeholders.”

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