AIS Aids to Navigation contract – August 2017

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AIS Aids to Navigation Contract

SRT Marine Systems plc, the provider of maritime tracking, management and surveillance technologies, products and integrated system solutions for ports, waterways, fisheries and coast guards, announces the receipt of an order for 200 AIS Aids to Navigation (‘AtoN’) transceivers for immediate delivery.

The order is for the world’s biggest single deployment of AIS AtoN and will be installed along part of a European waterway. The system will be used to enhance traffic control, the monitoring of the exact buoy location and status and the continuous real time monitoring of the local maritime environment and weather.

SRT’s AtoN solution was selected following over a year of evaluation and testing due to a number of technological, quality and reliability factors. Of particular note was:

– the high quality and reliability of the AIS radio communications (receive and transmit);
– the small yet robust build quality and reliability which enables long term maintenance free continuous operation in extreme maritime conditions;
– the ultra low power consumption, which is 50% lower than any other AIS AtoN on the market and results in smaller and cheaper solar panels and batteries for power;
– the ability to transmit unlimited user defined virtual AtoN’s, sophisticated encryption that allows secure remote control of the AtoN’s by the authorities; and
– a unique ability to easily integrate multiple external sensors.

Other integrated technologies such as SAT-Trak, which enables enhanced satellite reception of AIS transmissions, may be activated in the future at the customer’s discretion. Simon Tucker, CEO of SRT Marine Systems, commented: “In the final analysis it is our core technology that makes the operational difference to our customers who want reliable real world AIS functionality and performance. Our investments and innovations in core technology are reflected in the superior real world operational performance and functionality of all our products and this is but one example of how this delivers real contracts. AIS AtoN is still a relatively new addition to the growing AIS big data eco-system and orders will take time to build. However, with many thousands of buoys and remote maritime infrastructure worldwide we believe our significant technology, product and market investments place SRT in a dominant position within this promising new market segment.”

The information communicated in this announcement is inside information for the purposes of Article 7 of Regulation 596/2014.

About SRT Marine Systems plc:
SRT develops, manufactures and supplies maritime vessel tracking technology and turn-key system solutions to marine stakeholders across the globe with a particular expertise in AIS. The Company’s products and solutions are used by individual vessel owners, port authorities, maritime infrastructure owners, coast guards and national security agencies to enhance their maritime domain awareness. Applications include the tracking of commercial and leisure vessels; sustainable fishery; anti-collision; search and rescue; waterway management, port and coast security; pollution management; and environmental management.