Enhanced Maritime Incident Comprehension with SRT VTS – as quoted in Port Strategy online

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SRT VTS utilises dynamic 3D to automatically display all elements of the maritime environment in real time and fully in 3 dimensions. The system uses standard chart, AIS and other sensor data, leading to faster and vastly improved comprehension of maritime situations. This has led to its use by many maritime organisations – and in some highly emotive legal cases – resulting in significantly improved understanding of incidents and disasters and generally leading to more efficient and safe operational procedures.
Dynamic-3D is unique in that raw data such as radar and AIS is instantly combined with electronic chart data and high-performance graphics to create and record a true reflection of the maritime area. Using a simple 3D mouse, users can move freely around, as though controlling a drone and review vessel movements from any direction or perspective.

In Hong Kong the actions of the captains of two vessels came under scrutiny in a court case and the system was used to provide a realistic and understandable playback to the jury. Unique features such as “View from the Bridge” were used to fully understand the captains’ perspectives as events had unfolded. A small port in the UK proved that it was conducting safe and correct operations in a situation where only a few years earlier – the very same event – had caused the port to incur very significant damages, thus instantly paying for the system many times over.
Bathymetry can be incorporated allowing the instant and dynamic display of danger areas according to vessel draft and tide state. This freedom of movement and the virtual reality graphic display of vessels and infrastructure delivers significantly enhanced understanding and perspective.

The SRT VTS System is used by ports around the world including Poole, Panama Canal, and PTP in Malaysia and has successfully been used in marine court cases in jurisdictions such as Hong Kong.
SRT works with each customer to specify and deliver the system that best fits their requirements and budgets. SRT offers a flexible range of pricing which includes financing and lease packages. Visit to learn more about our VTS solutions or contact us at to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.

SRT Marine Systems PLC is a global leader in the provision of maritime domain awareness technologies and systems. The SRT VTS system is tried and proven around the world and provides some of the world’s leading authorities and operators with reliable state of the art VTS operational monitoring. The SRT VTS System can be scaled and customised to suit requirements and budgets from the largest to the smallest ports, delivered and installed quickly and easily.
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