Philippines commissions state-of-the-art fisheries monitoring and management system

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SRT Marine Systems PLC (LSE:GB00B0M8KM36)
LONDON, UK, February 21, 2022 / — At a formal event in Manila, Philippines on Wednesday 9th February 2022, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) announced the official commencement of fisheries management operations using IMEMS, their new national fisheries monitoring, control, and surveillance (MCS) system.
The IMEMS system is the most advanced fisheries monitoring and management system in Asia, and the Philippines is now leading the way in the fight against illegal (IUU) fishing and sustainable management of marine resources. By integrating new technologies, this system delivers highly efficient, effective large-scale fisheries management features and performance that exceed traditional systems, at a significantly reduced cost compared to legacy systems. IMEMS is entirely owned and operated by BFAR. All data are fully encrypted and located securely within BFAR in the Philippines, ensuring the strict privacy and safety of fisherfolk.

IMEMS integrates fisheries management operations into a single, in-country system with all functionalities needed for compliance with international fisheries standards: vessel tracking and monitoring, vessel licensing, electronic catch reporting and auditing, and fighting IUU fishing. Vessels of any size and type are securely tracked in real-time with position reports from every few seconds to every 15 minutes on the high seas, using a combination of over 100 long-range coast stations and multiple satellites. Advanced AI analytics ensure that illegal activities (IUU) are automatically detected and alerted. Fishing activities and continuously monitored across Philippine territorial and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), as well as across the South China Sea and all the Western Pacific Ocean. The system will have over 50 operators working as an integrated team in over 17 offices located across the country. IMEMS also includes safety features for fishermen, such as the ability to issue precise SOS requests and receive severe weather alerts. The system is modular, which allows for continued expansion in the years ahead.

The IMEMS system has been supplied and installed by SRT Marine Systems of the UK, a global leader in advanced maritime domain awareness systems for fisheries and coast guards.
The Undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture, Ms. Caballero said, “Today, BFAR demonstrated to me their new IMEMS system and its truly remarkable functionality. Our fishing industry is a national asset that is important to The Philippine people and the future development of our country. We are very serious about protecting this national asset, ensuring its long-term sustainability, and actively conserving our pristine marine environment along with compliance with international regulations and evolving best practices. Effective management of our fishing stocks and fishing activities will ensure that fish stocks remain healthy and sustainable, which in turn ensures the long term vibrancy of our national fishing industry and therefore protects the livelihoods of all those working in our wonderful fishing industry. IMEMS is a landmark project that represents real action on the part of the Philippine government to full fill this important objective and provides BFAR with the world’s best system to meet their needs today and for many years and decades into the future.”

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About BFAR:BFAR is responsible for the management of Philippine fisheries with the objective of conserving and protecting the national fisheries in the interests of fisherfolk and the nation.
About SRT Marine Systems:SRT Marine Systems are the global leaders in the provision of advanced fully integrated maritime surveillance, monitoring and management systems for coast guards and fisheries.

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