The LIM is now available as an additional accessory, and it is designed for effortless retrofitting to any EXPRESS transceiver, enabling permanent installation.

The LIM’s primary function is to ensure that the AtoN EXPRESS battery remains consistently charged for extended durations. Additionally, the LIM allows for the real-time monitoring of lantern health, regardless of the lantern’s manufacturer.

Monitor essential information

When the LIM is connected to the lantern or equipped with the DAS light sensor, it serves as an interface for monitoring lantern health just before each scheduled AIS AtoN message transmission. It also facilitates the reporting and display of health status on compatible ECDIS, VTS, and AIS vessel transceivers. This includes essential information such as whether the lantern is ‘on’ or ‘off,’ promptly indicating a failure when it should be ‘on,’ such as during night-time operations. Lanterns should always be on at night. IHO iconography only includes situations where this is not the case, i.e. there is no difference in icon between a lantern that is on or off. Unless it is off when it should be on.

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