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  • Unique technology allows our devices to see further
    SRT products offer ultimate customisation to meet any AIS requirement

    Maritime Domain Awareness Systems

    SRT Marine Technology, part of the Software Radio Technology plc. group, designs, develops and manufactures advanced AIS products and technology solutions – tested and approved to the highest international standards.

  • All our products integrate seamlessly into any target marine system
    All our products exceed any relevant international AIS approvals


    Enhanced efficiency, safety and visibility with AIS

    In addition to improved safety and security AIS is used to improve the operational efficiency of vessels, ports and waterways, delivering lower operating costs and maximising load factors.

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  • Enhanced protection ensures our products work in the harshest marine environment
    Unique technology ensures SRT products are seen by more devices in a wider range


    Enhancing safety on the water

    Safety on the water is of paramount importance. AIS devices help to prevent accidents, and in the unfortunate event of an incident, can help to ensure vessels and people are found and rescued quickly.

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  • OEM Product Solutions

    Comprehensive range of customisable OEM product solutions
    for all AIS product type classifications. Supplied branded and internationally approved and certified in your name.

  • We offer the full AIS range including low cost - low power consuming - vessel tracking beacons
    Early identification of any threats allows authorities to tell friend from foe


    Identify potential threats to national security with AIS

    AIS aids national security by identifying threats to a sovereign border before they reach dry land. Working with radar, AIS identifies ships using AIS; whilst radar identifies vessels that don't have the system and may be potential targets.

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  • Our products have the lowest power consumption on the market
    Rugged designs ensure our products operate reliably in the harshest marine environment



    AIS improves the safety of leisure boating and increases the fun whilst on the water. The potential hazards of commercial vessels are mitigated, whilst the information from an AIS transceiver will provide interesting information on weather and nearby vessels.

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  • Core Technology Modules

    SRT’s range of modules offer superior performance and quality
    and are designed to be easily integrated into any enclosure. Comprehensive integration and developers pack provided with every module.


Maritime domain awareness systems improve efficiency, safety and security. AIS is a major technological step forward, providing a reliable, globally adopted communication platform to deliver applications that benefit many market segments.

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Our technologies, products and systems improve and enhance maritime domain awareness. We are the global market leader in the provision of these advanced solutions to the marine electronics industry.

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