Regulatory Announcements

SRT response to reports in Philippine press.pdf24/04/2024Download
SRT- Change of Year End and Business Update08/03/2024Download
SRT – Holdings in company17/01/2024Download
SRT – David and Sandra Brierwood16/01/2024Download
SRT – Result of GM and TVR15/01/2024Download
SRT – webcast – 18th January 202412/01/2024Download
TR1 – David and Monique Newlands29/12/2023Download
TR1 – Ocean Infinity28/12/2023Download
SRT – Result of Retail Offer28/12/2023Download
SRT – Posting of Circular, Notice of General Meeting and TVR22/12/2023Download
SRT – Retail Offer21/12/2023Download
Subscription, Placing, Retail Offer and Notice of General Meeting21/12/2023Download
Issue of Equity – 12th Dec 202313/12/2023Download
Issue of Equity – Dec 202304/12/2023Download
Issue of Equity – Nov 202320/11/2023Download
SRT – Interim Statement – Sept 202320/11/2023Download
Half Year Trading Update 202306/10/2023Download
SRT – AGM – Result19/09/2023Download
SRT – AGM and Webcast – Sept 202313/09/2023Download
Issue of Equity – Sept 202312/09/2023Download
Issue of Equity – Aug 202329/08/2023Download
Preliminary Announcement – Y/E March 202327/07/2023Download
SRT – Webcast – July 202326/07/2023Download
Issue of Equity – July 202317/07/2023Download
DAS Order 260k – July 202305/07/2023Download
Notification of Major Interest – June 202328/06/2023Download
Result of Primarybid, Director Holding, TVR26/06/2023Download
Result of Placing23/06/2023Download
Primarybid Offer23/06/2023Download
Proposed Fundraising23/06/2023Download
Follow on system contract21/06/2023Download
Webcast – May 202324/05/2023Download
USD 180M Coast Guard Contract18/05/2023Download
£20M Loan Note Programme Increase10/05/2023Download
Coast Guard Project Update – May 202303/05/2023Download
New Coast Guard System Operational19/04/2023Download
Issue of Equity – April 202318/04/2023Download
CWR Distributor Agreement – April 202303/04/2023Download
Systems Contract and Trading Update23/03/2023Download
Issue of Equity – February 202320/02/2023Download
PDMR Exercise of Options – Dec 202214/12/2022Download
Issue of Equity – Dec 202202/12/2022Download
Issue of Equity – Nov 202221/11/2022Download
SRT Issue of Equity Nov 202214/11/2022Download
Webcast – Nov 202209/11/2022Download
SE Asia CG – Nov 202209/11/2022Download
FYE 2023 Interim Trading Update – Oct 202203/10/2022Download
AGM Update – Sept 202221/09/2022Download
AGM & Investor Presentation – Live16/09/2022Download
Preliminary Announcement – Y/E March 202228/07/2022Download
Webcast – July 202222/07/2022Download
Grant of Options04/05/2022Download
Director Dealing – Simon Tucker – April 202207/04/2022Download
Webcast – April 202205/04/2022Download
Y/E Trading Update – April 202205/04/2022Download
Director Dealing – Simon Tucker – March 202211/03/2022Download
Result of Placing,
TVR, Director Shareholding – March 2022
Proposed £4.9M Placing – March 202210/03/2022Download
Director Appointment – February 202204/02/2022Download
New Systems Contract Signed – January 202226/01/2022Download
Issue of Equity – January 202217/01/2022Download
New Systems Contract Award – January 202206/01/2022Download
Interim Statement – September 202102/12/2021Download
Interim Trading Update – September 202108/10/2021Download
Issue of Equity – September 202127/09/2021Download
AGM RNS22/09/2021Download
AGM RNS – Live stream
& change of location – Sept 2021
AGM – September 202103/09/2021Download
Director PDMR Holding – July 202129/07/2021Download
Preliminary Announcement – Y/E March 202129/07/2021Download
Year End Trading Update – April 202109/04/2021Download
Webcast – February 202110/02/2021Download
Interim Statement – September 202019/11/2020Download
TR1 – October 202021/10/2020Download
Online Presentation – October 202008/10/2020Download
Trading Update – July 202008/10/2020Download
TR1 – September 202016/09/2020Download
Final Results – March 202007/09/2020Download
Webcast – July 202010/07/2020Download
Trading Update – July 202010/07/2020Download
Grant of Share Options28/05/2020Download
Exercise of Options PDMR Dealings
& Total Voting Rights – May 2020
Director PDMR Holding20/04/2020Download
Grant of bank loan – April 202017/04/2020Download
TR1 – April 202015/04/2020Download
SRT – TR1 – April 202007/04/2020Download
Closing of Primarybid Offer07/04/2020Download
Webcast – April 202006/04/2020Download
Retail offer via Primarybid06/04/2020Download
Cash Position06/04/2020Download
Trading Update – March 202010/03/2020Download
Webcast – March 202010/03/2020Download
TR1 – March 202005/03/2020Download
Webcast – February 202018/02/2020Download
Issue of Equity – December 201919/12/2019Download
Interim Statements – September 201919/11/2019Download
Issue of Equity – October 201914/10/2019Download
Webcast – October 201907/10/2019Download
Interim Trading Update – October 201904/10/2019Download
Result of AGM – September 201904/09/2019Download
AGM & Open Day28/08/2019Download
Final Results – Y/E March 201918/07/2019Download
Issue of Equity – July 201908/07/2019Download
Director Appointment – July 201905/07/2019Download
Issue of Equity – June 201920/06/2019Download
SRT Issue of Equity – June 201910/06/2019Download
Webcast – May 201926/04/2019Download
Exercise of options,
PDMR & TVR – April 2019
Trading Update – April 201910/04/2019Download
Issue of Equity – April 201902/04/2019Download
Issue of Equity – March 201913/03/2019Download
TR1 – March 201907/03/2019Download
Placing of Shares – January 201931/01/2019Download
Webcast – January 201907/01/2019Download
Issue of Equity – December 201807/12/2018Download
BFAR Contract – December 201804/12/2018Download
Interims – September 201820/11/2018Download
Webcast – October 201803/10/2018Download
FYE 2019 Interim Trading Update – October 201803/10/2018Download
Result of AGM – 201805/09/2018Download
AGM and Open Day31/08/2018Download
Preliminary Announcement – Y/E March 201823/07/2018Download
SE Asia Project & Y/E Update – July 201823/07/2018Download
Ecuador IUU Agreement – July 201805/07/2018Download
Partnership Agreement – July 2018
Terms of Loan Note Refinancing08/06/2018Download
TR1 Form07/06/2018Download
Change of Webcast date04/06/2018Download
Fund Raise RNS – May 201830/05/2018Download
Leak Announcement24/05/2018Download
Trading Update – April 201811/04/2018Download
TR1 – April 201806/04/2018Download
TR1 – March 201808/03/2018Download
TR1 – February 201809/02/2018Download
Webcast – February 201801/02/2018Download
Issue of Equity – December 201701/12/2017Download
Interims – September 201714/11/2017Download
Webcast – November 201707/11/2017Download
Interim Trading Update – October 201710/10/2017Download
Ocean-Scan – Satellite System – September 201725/09/2017Download
Loan Program – September 201725/09/2017Download
OEM AIS Product Supply Contract
Signed – August 2017
Directorate Changes – August 201718/08/2017Download
Webcast – August 201731/07/2017Download
Asia Contract – July 201731/07/2017Download
Result of AGM 201712/07/2017Download
AGM & Open day – July 201730/06/2017Download
FAO – Somalia – 201723/06/2017Download
Issue of Equity – June 201713/06/2017Download
Preliminary Announcement – June 201707/06/2017Download
Issue of Equity – June 201702/06/2017Download
Issue of Equity – May 201711/05/2017Download
Webcast – May 201727/04/2017Download
Trading Update – April 201713/04/2017Download
MDM Contract30/03/2017Download
Africa Identifier Order14/02/2017Download
Issue of Equity – November 201615/11/2016Download
Interims – September 201615/11/2016Download
Saudi Order – October 201414/10/2016Download
Half-year Trading Update – October 201606/10/2016Download
Identifier Order – September 201612/09/2016Download
S-AIS Agreement with EE – August 201616/08/2016Download
AL Purchase – August 201610/08/2016Download
TR1 – August 201608/08/2016Download
Options – August 201608/08/2016Download
Issue of Equity – July 201618/07/2016Download
AGM & Open Day06/07/2016Download
Result of AGM – July 201606/07/2016Download
PR – Panama – July 201605/07/2016Download
Trinity House – July 201604/07/2016Download
Preliminary Announcement – June 201606/06/2016Download
Webcast – June 201606/06/2016Download
Issue of Equity – April 201622/04/2016Download
Trading Update – April 201612/04/2016Download
MDM System Supply
Agreement Signed – March 2016
TR1 – February 201602/02/2016Download
TR1 – January 201607/01/2016Download
Webcast RNS – December 201515/12/2015Download
TR1 – November 201512/11/2015Download
Intermins – September 201510/11/2015Download
TR1 – October 201522/10/2015Download
Trading Update – October 201506/10/2015Download
Qatar AIS Mandate – September 201516/09/2015Download
Issue of Equity – September 201510/09/2015Download
US$5.0 Million MDM Supply Contract21/08/2015Download
Philippines – July 201524/07/2015Download
Year End & AGM Investors Presentation – 201514/07/2015Download
Result of AGM – 201514/07/2015Download
AGM & Open day – 201508/07/2015Download
Preliminary Announcment – June 201509/06/2015Download
Middle East Order – June 201509/06/2015Download
TR1 – June 201508/06/2015Download
Webcast – June 201504/06/2015Download
Results and AGM – May 201526/05/2015Download
Trading Update – April 201510/04/2015Download
CSTDMA Patent – March 201504/03/2015Download
Trading Update – February 2015 25/02/2015Download
Webcast – February 201524/02/2015Download
TR1 – Robert Persey – February 201513/02/2015Download
US mandates installation of AIS transceivers02/02/2015Download
Orders of US$1.1 Million22/01/2015Download
Malasian GEOVS System Order – January 201516/01/2015Download
Webcast – December 201416/12/2014Download
Greenfinder Partnership – December 201411/12/2014Download
RNS Interims – September 201414/11/2014Download
TR1 – Robert Persey – October 201410/10/2014Download
USCG – August 201407/08/2014Download
TR1 – Robert Persey – July 201407/08/2014Download
TR1 – Ian Laing – July 201407/08/2014Download
Result of AGM 201416/07/2014Download
AGM & Open day 201409/07/2014Download
Placing of shares – July 201404/07/2014Download
Year End Investors Presentation – March 201417/06/2014Download
Preliminary Announcement – June 201417/06/2014Download
Notice of webcast, Final results, and AGM06/06/2014Download
Galapagos order received02/06/2014Download
Trading Update13/04/2014Download
$6.75M Order02/04/2014Download
Strategic AtoN Distributor Agreement03/03/2014Download
Trading Update27/01/2014Download
GEOVS Licence deal15/01/2014Download
VISSIM Partnership09/01/2014Download
Director Shareholding02/12/2013Download
Director/PDMR Shareholding29/11/2013Download
Interim Results26/11/2013Download
Interim Results Timetable07/11/2013Download
H1 Trading Update & acquisition of GEOVS Limited14/10/2013Download
Director Shareholding13/10/2013Download
Webcast Notification08/10/2013Download
$0.67M order received 06/08/2013Download
AGM and Open day17/06/2013Download
Final Results04/06/2013Download
Day of Results23/05/2013Download
Exactearth Partnership09/05/2013Download
TR1 Notification22/04/2013Download
Webcast – April 201316/04/2013Download
Middle East Order11/04/2013Download
Trading Update05/04/2013Download
TR1 Form19/03/2013Download
North America Order14/03/2013Download
Identifiers for India12/02/2013Download
Announcement Live Webcast11/01/2013Download
$1.8M balance of $3.7M order shipped18/12/2012Download
Notice of AGM12/12/2012Download
Issue of Equity11/12/2012Download
AtoN order06/12/2012Download
Initial Aids to Navigation agreement signed28/11/2012Download
Half yearly Report
for the six months ended Sept 2012
Commencement of Russian Shipments15/10/2012Download
Half year Trading Update15/10/2012Download
AGM and Open day18/06/2012Download
$3.7M order received08/06/2012Download
SRT Announce posting of Annual Report
June 2012 & Webcast
Final Result for the Y/E March 201111/05/2012Download
Issue of Equity10/05/2012Download
Fundraising of GBP2.56M13/04/2012Download
Issue of Equity11/04/2012Download
SRT signs new preferred partnership
agreement in Middle East
SRT signs Russian AIS supply announcement22/03/2012Download
Issue of Equity09/03/2012Download
Trading Update09/03/2012Download
Total Voting Rights02/03/2012Download
Issue of Equity10/02/2012Download
Notification of re-organisation of
nominated adviser and joint broker
Total Voting Rights31/01/2012Download
Live Shareholder Cast25/01/2012Download
Issue of Equity10/01/2012Download
SRT Court Approval15/12/2011Download
Issue of Equity09/12/2011Download
Interim Statement28/11/2011Download
Live Shareholder Webcast24/11/2011Download
Notice of Interim Results24/10/2011Download
Total Voting Rights03/10/2011Download